La paura (1954)

Irene Wagner (Ingrid Bergman) is married to a scientist named Albert (Mathias Wieman), but she’s been stepping out on her marriage, carrying on an affair with a man named Erich (Kurt Kreuger). As if her own anxiety over the situation wasn’t causing her enough stress, Erich’s ex-girlfriend comes a-calling. Johann (Renate Mannhardt) has learned of the affair and has decided to blackmail Irene, making matters … Continue reading La paura (1954)

Favorite things about… The Tingler

The favorite film: The Tingler, a 1959 Columbia Pictures horror/sci-fi flick written by Robb White and directed by William Castle The synopsis: Dr. Warren Chapin has a solid job conducting autopsies on executed prisoners. On the side, he’s a bit of a mad scientist, formulating theories about fear. He sees fear as a creature living inside every single person – a creature he calls “the … Continue reading Favorite things about… The Tingler