The Gay Deception (1935)

Mirabel Miller (Frances Dee) is a stenographer… and a dreamer. Bored of her small-town, budget-conscious life, she’s decided to make a change for herself. As a baby step, she’s skipping breakfast and lunch each day to save money for a fancy hat from Paris. Scrimping won’t be Mirabel’s M.O. for long, though. She has just won a prize of $5,000 from a sweepstakes contest. She … Continue reading The Gay Deception (1935)

Romance in Manhattan (1935)

Karel Novak (Francis Lederer) has come to America from Czechoslovakia with $58 in his pocket and a mind full of big dreams. His excitement is palpable as he prepares to become an American citizen. But sadly, when he finally gets his chance to gain citizenship, Karel is turned away. Unbeknownst to him, the fee has been raised from $50 to $200, and there is no … Continue reading Romance in Manhattan (1935)