The Desperate Hours (1955)

Glenn Griffin (Humphrey Bogart), Hal Griffin (Dewey Martin) and Sam Kobish (Robert Middleton) have managed to escape from prison. Knowing that the law will be on to them soon, they decide to hide out in a randomly selected house in the suburban Indianapolis area. The home they select is that of the Hilliard family. Dan (Fredric March) and Ellie (Martha Scott) live in the home … Continue reading The Desperate Hours (1955)

Nothing Sacred (1937)

Nothing Sacred (1937): 5/5 Nothing Sacred is a late 1930s comedy starring Carole Lombard and Fredric March. Carole is Hazel Flagg, a woman who thought she was dying of radium poisoning when suddenly she finds out that it was a misdiagnosis. Her plans for travel and adventure in her ‘last days’ are shattered, until New York newspaper man Wally Cook (Fredric March) enters the picture. … Continue reading Nothing Sacred (1937)