Love is a Headache (1938)

Carlotta Lee (Gladys George), known by those close to her as “Charlie,” is an actress who is beginning to see her stage career take a downturn. Her latest play, A Lady of Experience, struggles to bring in audiences and faces a lot of negativity from Broadway commentators. Peter Lawrence (Franchot Tone) is a well-known critic, the writer of a column called “Broadway Chatter.” Peter and … Continue reading Love is a Headache (1938)

The House Across the Bay (1940)

Steve Larwitt (George Raft) is a nightclub owner who has found love with a pretty performer at one of his clubs named Brenda (Joan Bennett). Things are going smoothly for the couple for a while, until George takes misguided advice from his lawyer, Slant (Lloyd Nolan), and ends up in prison for ten years. Even when separated by prison walls, the couple seems unbreakable. George … Continue reading The House Across the Bay (1940)