Girl Missing (1933)

Young and lovely June Dale (Mary Brian) is being pursued by the wealthy but far-too-pushy Kenneth Van Dusen (Guy Kibbee). When June’s friend Kay (Glenda Farrell) walks in and puts a stop to Kenneth’s attempts to woo June, he leaves them at their fancy Palm Beach hotel, sticking them with the bill. Luckily for Kay … More Girl Missing (1933)

Dark Hazard (1934)

Jim Turner (Edward G. Robinson) is a gamblin’ man who hits the jackpot by winning big at the local race track — a cash-in of $20,000. But unfortunately, his luck is about to run out. That very same night, he loses all of the dough at a roulette table. With practically nothing left to his name, Jim … More Dark Hazard (1934)

Hi, Nellie (1934)

Brad Bradshaw (Paul Muni) was the managing editor of a newspaper until he refused to publish a story about a link between the disappearance of Frank Canfield and an embezzlement case at a local bank. Brad goes soft on Frank, deciding not to paint him as “the crook” and placing the embezzlement story below the … More Hi, Nellie (1934)

The Keyhole (1933)

Anne Brooks (Kay Francis) is unintentionally polyandrous. She’s happily married to the older, very rich Schuyler Brooks (Henry Kolker) and thinks that he’s her only husband. But her old dancing partner and supposed ex-husband, Maurice (Monroe Owsley), blackmails her by revealing that he never filed for the dissolution of their marriage. Maurice wants Anne to … More The Keyhole (1933)

Breakfast for Two (1937)

Drunken playboys, bankruptcy, one ditsy actress, a witty butler, a sneaky Texas debutante and a few talking pets make up the screwball romantic comedy Breakfast for Two. Barbara Stanwyck stars as the aforementioned debutante, Valentine Ransome, who meets playboy Jonathon Blair (Herbert Marshall) while she’s on a trip to the big city. After bringing him … More Breakfast for Two (1937)