If I Were Free (1933)

Hector Stribling (Henry Stephenson) is an English lawyer in Paris, married to a woman named Jewel (Vivian Tobin). One night, he invites his friend Gordon (Clive Brook), his friend Tono (Nils Asther), and Tono’s wife Sarah (Irene Dunne) to dinner. Gordon is preparing to get divorced, and Hector hopes the dinner will give him an … More If I Were Free (1933)

No Other Woman (1933)

Anna (Irene Dunne) lives in a company-controlled mining town, where she’s just married steelworker Jim Stanley (Charles Bickford). Anna dreams of getting out of the mill, so she runs a boarding house, saving up money for a better life. When Anna’s friend Joe (Eric Linden) creates a permanent dye out of the steel mill’s waste products, they … More No Other Woman (1933)

Irene Dunne: A tribute

Irene Dunne may not have initially been confident in her skills as a comedic actress, but she was one of the best who ever lived. She remains undoubtedly one of the queens of the screwball comedy genre, consistently portraying her characters with a mix of hilarity and enviable elegance. Irene Dunne has also become one … More Irene Dunne: A tribute

Love Affair (1939)

Beautiful American singer Terry McKay (Irene Dunne) is traveling aboard a ship across the Atlantic Ocean when she meets womanizing French painter Michel Marnet (Charles Boyer). Both are already engaged to other people – Terry to Kenneth Bradley (Lee Bowman) and Michel to Lois Clarke (Astrid Allwyn) – but they find themselves falling for each … More Love Affair (1939)

Theodora Goes Wild (1936)

The small, conservative town of Lynnfield has gone wild over local newspaper editor Jed Waterbury’s (Thomas Mitchell) decision to publish a racy, best-selling novel by Caroline Adams in installments. Little do they know, one of Lynnfield’s own is Caroline Adams. Theodora Lynn (Irene Dunne), an active community member and regular church-goer, published the novel under … More Theodora Goes Wild (1936)

This Man is Mine (1934)

*This review contains spoilers for 1934’s This Man is Mine. Tony (Irene Dunne) and Jim Dunlap (Ralph Bellamy) have a pleasant life and marriage. Tony is the stereotypical “ideal” wife – devoted to her husband, affectionate, able to craft beautiful paintings for his birthday, hosts lovely get-togethers with their friends, keeps the home in pristine … More This Man is Mine (1934)

Roberta (1935)

Roberta (1935): 4.5/5 Roberta is a great mid-30s musical, complete with confirmation (in the form of a title card at the very beginning) that it has passed the production code’s standards. Whereas in many 1935 films it’s blatantly obvious that the code took out a lot of the film’s wit, Roberta doesn’t suffer at all. … More Roberta (1935)