Small Town Girl (1953)

Duck Creek, Connecticut is a sleepy town full of friendly people. Cindy Kimball (Jane Powell) is one of the town’s most beloved residents — the daughter of the town judge and a soloist in the church choir. One Sunday evening, the Kimball family is enjoying a meal after church when they’re interrupted by a policeman looking for the judge. Big city fella Rick Belrow Livingston … Continue reading Small Town Girl (1953)

A Date with Judy (1948)

Judy Foster (Jane Powell) is a Santa Barbara teen with your average teenage problems. She and her friends are rehearsing songs for an upcoming school social event, but they’re butting heads with snobby senior Carol Pringle (Elizabeth Taylor), who thinks they’re not performing the songs the correct way. Famous band leader Xavier Cugat will be a guest at the dance, so the stakes for making … Continue reading A Date with Judy (1948)

Hit the Deck (1955)

Sailors with the U.S. Navy — including pals Danny (Russ Tamblyn) and Rico (Vic Damone) — are in the Arctic completing “Operation Ice Cream,” which requires them to swim in freezing waters. Luckily for the two friends, they’re able to get out of taking an icy dip by volunteering to bake a cake for the commander with their friend Bill (Tony Martin) after the cook falls ill. … Continue reading Hit the Deck (1955)

Mill Creek Musings: Delightfully Dangerous (1945)

Sherry Williams (Jane Powell) is a young girl who, like many young people, dreams of having a big-time singing career. She’s 15 years old, and she’s already working hard to achieve her goals, studying at the Fernridge School of Music. Sherry wants to find success like her sister, Jo (Constance Moore), who is living in New York and working in stage musicals. Sherry is set … Continue reading Mill Creek Musings: Delightfully Dangerous (1945)

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954)

Adam Pontipee (Howard Keel) is one of seven brothers, all of whom are looking for wives. Adam heads into town to find a lady, and convinces one named Milly (Jane Powell) to marry him that exact day. After Milly readily accepts his proposal and the two get hitched, they head back to the backwoods home where Adam’s six brothers also live — six brothers that … Continue reading Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954)

Royal Wedding (1951)

Tom (Fred Astaire) and Ellen Bowen (Jane Powell) are a singing, dancing brother-sister stage duo. When their show in New York City closes, their agent books them in London, where preparations are being made for Elizabeth II’s quickly approaching Royal Wedding. On the ship to England, Ellen meets and falls for Lord John Brindle (Peter Lawford), who seems to be her perfect match. But Tom … Continue reading Royal Wedding (1951)