Framed (1947)

Michael Lambert (Glenn Ford) is a truck driver, but he won’t be for long. He’s just crashed his truck into a car. The car’s owner, Jeff Cunningham (Edgar Buchanan), decides to take Michael to court. Michael is saved by an unexpected source, a beautiful barmaid named Paula (Janis Carter) who scrimps together the money to … More Framed (1947)

Slightly French (1949)

John Gayle (Don Ameche) is a movie director… and a hard-to-work-with perfectionist. His sister, Louisa (Janis Carter) takes him to a carnival, where she hopes he’ll relax a little. At the carnival, John takes notice of Mary (Dorothy Lamour), a singer and dancer whose talent captivates him as she performs in many different disguises. When … More Slightly French (1949)