Cairo (1942)

The Times Leader of Cavity Rock, California has just been given the honor of being named “America’s most typical small-town newspaper.” This may not sound like a great honor, but it is cause for celebration for the newspaper’s staff. The title also makes for a big opportunity for Homer Smith (Robert Young), the leading Times Leader small-town reporter. He gets to travel abroad and do … Continue reading Cairo (1942)

San Francisco (1936)

“SAN FRANCISCO – guardian of the Golden Gate – stands today a queen among sea ports – industrious, mature, respectable. But perhaps she dreams of the queen and city she was — splendid and sensuous, vulgar and magnificent – that perished suddenly with a cry still heard in the hearts of those who knew her, at exactly… Five-thirteen A.M. April 18, 1906“ Blackie Norton (Clark … Continue reading San Francisco (1936)

The Lottery Bride (1930)

Delightful dance and song start out The Lottery Bride in Oslo, Norway. Local college boys and their girlfriends are having a lively party at Hilda’s (Zasu Pitts) cafe. An American man named Hoke (Joe E. Brown) shows up to work at the cafe, coordinating entertainment. Hoke decides to hold a marathon dance, which Jenny (Jeanette MacDonald) enters in an effort to win the cash prize … Continue reading The Lottery Bride (1930)

Love Me Tonight (1932)

Love Me Tonight (1932): 5/5! (Very, very mild spoilers included) I love everything about this musical starring Maurice Chevalier and Jeanette MacDonald. The film follows Maurice (portrayed by Chevalier, obviously), a Paris tailor who is mistaken as royalty and ends up posing as a baron. He ends up encountering a gaggle of crazy blue-bloods along the way, including Countess Valentine (the always amazing Myrna Loy) … Continue reading Love Me Tonight (1932)