Evergreen (1934)

Harriet Green (Jessie Matthews) is a London stage star performing one last show before she leaves her career behind to get married. After the show, her fellow actors and stagehands hold a party to celebrate her upcoming wedding. At the party, she’s interrupted and leaves suddenly, learning that the father of her child is planning on blackmailing her for her millionaire husband-to-be’s money. She doesn’t go … Continue reading Evergreen (1934)

Jessie Matthews: A tribute

Today is the 108th anniversary of the birth of Jessie Matthews, one of Britain’s greatest screen stars. Jessie is incredibly under-appreciated, even by devoted classic film fans, so I’ve decided to pay tribute to her today in hopes to bring more attention to her spectacular films. This triple-threat talent was born Jessie Margaret Matthews in London on March 11, 1907. One of sixteen children, Jessie … Continue reading Jessie Matthews: A tribute

It’s Love Again (1936)

Elaine Bradford (Jessie Matthews) is a talented young singer and dancer who is hoping her big break on the stage will come soon. Elaine meets Peter Carlton (Robert Young), a gossip columnist who is also struggling in the work realm. He’s got a deadline to meet, and nothing at all written. Peter has invented a woman to write gossip about — “Mrs. Smythe-Smythe,” a globetrotting … Continue reading It’s Love Again (1936)

First a Girl (1935)

Elizabeth (Jessie Matthews) is a talented dancer, but she hasn’t yet made her mark on the entertainment world. Instead, she works as a dressmaker while hoping to someday find success on the stage. Outside of a theater one day, she meets Victor (Sonnie Hale), a female impersonator. They become friends, and Victor just may give Elizabeth her big break. He’s lost his voice, and he … Continue reading First a Girl (1935)