Early Women Filmmakers: Dorothy Arzner’s The Bride Wore Red (1937)

Rudi Pal (Robert Young) is at a casino with his friend Count Armalia (George Zucco), discussing the differences between the rich and the poor. Armalia is convinced that the only difference between the two is luck. Rudi is not persuaded, but later, after Rudi has left, Armalia decides to prove his point by plucking club singer Anni (Joan Crawford) from obscurity. The Count offers Anni … Continue reading Early Women Filmmakers: Dorothy Arzner’s The Bride Wore Red (1937)

Mildred Pierce: Book, Film and Mini-Series

Published in 1941, Mildred Pierce was written by James M. Cain and is a dramatic story of a mother willing to do anything to preserve her family’s social status through a divorce and the Depression, largely for the benefit of her conniving and wealth-hungry daughter Veda. Adapted to film in 1945, Mildred Pierce has long been one of my favorite old Hollywood stories, so I was very excited … Continue reading Mildred Pierce: Book, Film and Mini-Series

One year, one film: 1947 – Possessed

One year, one film: 1947 The film: Possessed, dir. Curtis Bernhardt starring Joan Crawford and Van Heflin Rating: Recommended | Highly Recommended | Must-See When I discovered Possessed in 2013, I declared it my new favorite Joan Crawford film. Joan was, at one time, on my list of least-favorite classic film actresses, but over the course of this blog’s life, I’ve grown to appreciate her. She’s not only … Continue reading One year, one film: 1947 – Possessed

Second Looks: The Damned Don’t Cry (1950)

Second Looks is a series in which I re-watch a classic I haven’t seen in a few years, analyzing it with a fresh pair of eyes. Today I’ll be taking a look at The Damned Don’t Cry, starring Joan Crawford. Previous posts in this series can be found in the archives. Nick Prenta (Steve Cochran), a notorious gangster, has been murdered. One suspect in his … Continue reading Second Looks: The Damned Don’t Cry (1950)

Laughing Sinners (1931)

Ivy Stevens (Joan Crawford) makes her living as a cafe entertainer, generally dressing in silly costumes and performing equally silly routines. Life is swell for Ivy, as she’s met the man she thinks is her true love: a shady salesman named Howard (Neil Hamilton). When Howard breaks up with her, Ivy is so heartbroken that she attempts to commit suicide by jumping from a bridge. … Continue reading Laughing Sinners (1931)

Possessed (1947)

Louise Howell (Joan Crawford) has landed herself in a psych ward under the care of Dr. Harvey Willard (Stanley Ridges). She seems frantic and constantly repeats the name “David,” but no one understands what sent her into such a breakdown… …that is, until Dr. Willard convinces her to start talking. In flashback land, the viewer learns that Louise was once in love with an engineer … Continue reading Possessed (1947)

Favorite things about… The Women (1939)

A note from Lindsey: Exactly a year ago today I published a post about 1939’s The Women, which I had discovered two days earlier. (I posted a very tiny review of it.) Here’s another look at the film, which became an instant favorite and was viewed multiple times last year. The favorite film: The Women, a 1939 comedy with an all-female cast, directed by the … Continue reading Favorite things about… The Women (1939)

Dancing Lady (1933)

Young dancer Janie Barlow (Joan Crawford) works at a burlesque show since she can’t find work on a “respectable” stage. When she and some of her fellow dancers are arrested for indecent exposure after a performance, Janie is bailed out by a millionaire named Tod (Franchot Tone) who took a liking to her after seeing her dance at the club. Janie desperately wants to make … Continue reading Dancing Lady (1933)