You Said a Mouthful (1932)

Joe Holt (Joe E. Brown) works at the Armstrong Rubber Goods and Swimming Wear Company. He’s a small-time employee of the company, but he has big aspirations. He’s invented a new bathing suit material which is unsinkable, and it may finally be the thing that sends him up the corporate ladder. Joe’s aspirations for success don’t make him very popular with his coworkers, who are … Continue reading You Said a Mouthful (1932)

THREE favorite films of Joe E. Brown

Joe E. Brown had what may have been the world’s most enormous smile – the kind of expression that you can’t help but smile back at. And while his face may be his most well-remembered asset, he certainly wasn’t short on talent either. Joseph Evans Brown was born in Holgate, Ohio on July 28, 1891. He spent most of his young years in Toledo – … Continue reading THREE favorite films of Joe E. Brown

Fit For a King (1937)

Virgil Ambrose Jeremiah Christopher “Scoop” Jones (Joe E. Brown) is the go-fer at the New York Daily Blade newspaper. Scoop has big dreams of becoming the star reporter for the Blade, but is having trouble reaching those dreams despite the fact that his uncle owns the newspaper. The editor, Hardwick (Russell Hicks), has absolutely no faith in Scoop and will let him do nothing but … Continue reading Fit For a King (1937)