Netflix Instant Pick #4

Manic (2001) is a gritty film, centered around the juvenile ward of a mental institution and filmed with a handheld camera. Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as Lyle, one of the ward’s patients who is prone to very violent outbursts. Surrounding him are patients with equally serious issues, including self-harming Tracy (Zooey Deschanel) and bipolar Chad (Michael Bacall). Don Cheadle is Dr. Monroe, the ward’s conflicted psychologist. … Continue reading Netflix Instant Pick #4

Redbox Pick #5

50/50 is a dark drama/comedy loosely based on the true story of Will Reiser, who was diagnosed with cancer in his late 20s. Joseph Gordon-Levitt portrays the Reiser-based character, Adam: a completely healthy, very cautious man who is diagnosed at age 27. His diagnosis isn’t the last of his problems. As he begins to undergo treatment, his entire life crumbles around him. Seth Rogen costars … Continue reading Redbox Pick #5