The Opposite Sex (1956)

In Manhattan’s high society, the salon is the place to go for a makeover… and for a heaping spoonful of gossip. Sylvia Fowler (Dolores Gray) is getting a manicure one afternoon when her manicurist, Olga (Alice Pearce), tells her that Steven Hilliard (Leslie Nielsen) is having an affair with a chorus girl named Crystal Allen (Joan … More The Opposite Sex (1956)

Right Cross (1950)

Pat O’Malley (June Allyson) is a second-generation fight promoter, taking the reigns from her father Sean (Lionel Barrymore). He was once the best promoter in the biz but has suffered some health complications, leaving his daughter to take over much of his work. Along with the work, Pat has also found a bit of romance … More Right Cross (1950)

You Can’t Run Away From It (1956)

Ellie Andrews (June Allyson) is the daughter of a wealthy Texas cattleman, A. A. Andrews (Charles Bickford).When Ellie goes against her father’s wishes by marrying the gold-digging Ballarino (Jacques Scott), Mr. Andrews goes to great lengths to secure an annulment, hatching a plot to have his own daughter kidnapped. Trapped on her dad’s yacht but unwilling to comply … More You Can’t Run Away From It (1956)