Seven Sweethearts (1942)

“To this great land of jive and juleps, the Dutch once came to plant their tulips… They grit their teeth, pulled in their belts, produced New York – and the Roosevelts… Enriched this best of melting pots with their traditions, towns and tots… Behold! In Michigan today there’s still a Holland – U.S.A. A town that flaunts its windmill touch, to prove you just can’t … Continue reading Seven Sweethearts (1942)

Two Sisters from Boston (1946)

Abigail (Kathryn Grayson) and Martha Chandler (June Allyson) are Two Sisters from Boston. They come from a very stuffy, high-society family, where their uncle is running for political office and they care a whole lot about their reputations. Abigail has moved from Boston to New York, where she works in a burlesque show. But when rumors start flying about her job back home and her … Continue reading Two Sisters from Boston (1946)