The Feminine Touch (1941)

John Hathaway (Don Ameche) teaches psychology at Digby College, and he’s grown impatient with his lazy students, who seem more dedicated to the football team than to their studies. They’re even growing out beards in solidarity, vowing not to shave until the football team beats their rival, Laurel College. A bit bored of his job as a professor, Hathaway has dedicated a lot of his … Continue reading The Feminine Touch (1941)

The Keyhole (1933)

Anne Brooks (Kay Francis) is unintentionally polyandrous. She’s happily married to the older, very rich Schuyler Brooks (Henry Kolker) and thinks that he’s her only husband. But her old dancing partner and supposed ex-husband, Maurice (Monroe Owsley), blackmails her by revealing that he never filed for the dissolution of their marriage. Maurice wants Anne to shell out big bucks to keep him quiet, in order … Continue reading The Keyhole (1933)