Days of Wine and Roses (1962)

Joe Clay (Jack Lemmon) is a public relations man, a dedicated worker at a firm in San Francisco. He’s also a heavy drinker, even drinking on the job. Joe meets Kirsten Arnesen (Lee Remick), a secretary for one of his clients — and a teetotaler. She prefers chocolate over liquor. It may seem that Kirsten would be a good influence on Joe, but the opposite … Continue reading Days of Wine and Roses (1962)

The Long, Hot Summer (1958)

Ben Quick (Paul Newman) is new to the town of Frenchman’s Bend, Mississippi. He arrives there after being banished from another town, having been accused of burning down a barn. He hitches a ride into town with two young ladies named Clara (Joanne Woodward) and Eula (Lee Remick). Ben is soon hired for farm work by Jody Varner (Anthony Franciosa), son of Will Varner (Orson … Continue reading The Long, Hot Summer (1958)