The Stranger (1946)

Mr. Wilson (Edward G. Robinson) works for the United Nations War Crimes Commission, and he’s on the trail of a fugitive. Franz Kindler (Orson Welles), a Nazi war criminal, has managed to erase every clue to his whereabouts and identity, aside from the fact that he’s well-known to be obsessed with clocks. Wilson hopes that … More The Stranger (1946)

Man’s Castle (1933)

“When you’re dead you get a hunk of Earth. When you’re alive you wanna hang on to your hunk of blue. That’s all I’ve got in the world. That’s all anybody’s got, is that hunk of blue.” When Bill (Spencer Tracy) and Trina (Loretta Young) meet in a city park, it’s clear to him that … More Man’s Castle (1933)

Ladies in Love (1936)

Susie Schmidt (Loretta Young), Martha Karenye (Janet Gaynor), and Yoli Haydn (Constance Bennett) are three young women who have rented an apartment together in Budapest. Susie is a chorus girl, Martha works several odd jobs, and Yoli is a model. On move-in day at their new apartment, the women share their wishes. Susie wants to … More Ladies in Love (1936)

Key to the City (1950)

A convention for mayors may seem like an odd place for a love match to be struck up, but that just may happen when Puget City mayor Steve Fisk (Clark Gable) and Wenonah, Maine mayor Clarissa Standish (Loretta Young) meet. Mayor Standish is an upstanding politician, well-educated and devoted to her taxpaying public — not your average mayor. Mayor Fisk … More Key to the City (1950)

Two films, one tale, one Tyrone: Love is News (1937)

Today and tomorrow on TMP I’m reviewing two Tyrone Power films that tell the same story. First up we’ve got Love is News (1937), co-starring Loretta Young. Tomorrrow, That Wonderful Urge (1948), with Gene Tierney taking on the role formerly occupied by Young. Two films, one tale, and one leading man in Tyrone Power! Steve … More Two films, one tale, one Tyrone: Love is News (1937)

Eight Days of Christmas: The Bishop’s Wife (1947)

I must confess: I’m kind of recycling an idea here. This is not my first time writing about The Bishop’s Wife. I did a “Favorite things about…” post for this film just last year on Christmas day. But when I decided to bring back Eight Days of Christmas, I couldn’t help including a re-watch review … More Eight Days of Christmas: The Bishop’s Wife (1947)

Grand Slam (1933)

Peter Stanislavsky (Paul Lukas) is a waiter, working and occasionally playing the piano at a Russian restaurant. The gig isn’t permanent — just a way to support his recently-wed self and his wife while he works on a novel. While Peter has publishing aspirations, the rest of the world has gone crazy for the game … More Grand Slam (1933)