Exclusive Story (1936)

Ace Acello (Joseph Calleia) is working for gangster Martin Werther (Robert Barrat), operating a numbers racket — an illegal lottery which never has an honest winner. Acello approaches grocer Michael Devlin (J. Farrell MacDonald) in hopes to sell numbers to his store’s customers. When Devlin isn’t crazy about the idea, Acello tries to intimidate him into complying. Devlin’s daughter, Ann (Madge Evans), decides to stand … Continue reading Exclusive Story (1936)

Age of Indiscretion (1935)

NOTE: This post contains spoilers. Read with caution if you’ve never seen the film and would like to remain un-spoiled! Robert Lenhart (Paul Lukas) is a book publisher whose business is in financial trouble. He owes over $20,000 to various creditors, and he’s asked for so many extensions that the creditors refuse to even meet with him. They send a representative to his office, asking … Continue reading Age of Indiscretion (1935)