Second Looks: Berlin Express (1948)

“The dove of peace was a pigeon. A dead pigeon.” Dr. Heinrich Bernhardt is in Paris, post-war, to attend a secret UN conference focused on German reunification. Elsewhere, a mysterious message has been found — “9850,” “21:45,” the letter “D,” and “Sulzbach” — attached to a dead pigeon. The police are unable to figure out the coded message but know that it’s some sort of … Continue reading Second Looks: Berlin Express (1948)

The Cowboy and the Lady (1938)

Money can’t buy happiness, and Mary Smith (Merle Oberon) knows this fact all too well. She comes from a very wealthy family. Her father, Judge Horace Smith (Henry Kolker), is a candidate for president. To outsiders, her life seems charmed, but in reality, she’s terribly bored. Many expectations are placed on Mary as a potential member of the country’s next First Family, but she just … Continue reading The Cowboy and the Lady (1938)

Over the Moon (1939)

Jane Benson (Merle Oberon) leads a simple life. She lives in Yorkshire, where she serves as caretaker for her elderly uncle. While her life isn’t exactly exciting, she’s kind of stuck with it. Her grandpa’s will dictates that she isn’t allowed to sell the old family home. So long as she lives there and keeps it up, she’ll earn a small monthly stipend, meaning she … Continue reading Over the Moon (1939)

Lydia (1941)

Lydia MacMillan (Merle Oberon) is an elderly woman who has never married, and whose life’s focus is philanthropy. After attending a dedication ceremony for a children’s home she’s given an endowment to, Lydia is visited by Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick (Joseph Cotten), a man she has not seen in nearly four decades. Michael had once hoped to marry Lydia, and the two reminisce about the past. … Continue reading Lydia (1941)

Affectionately Yours (1941)

Having the opportunity to travel the world as a reporter can turn a married man into a womanizer – or so is the case for Rickey Mayberry (Dennis Morgan). Though his caring wife, Sue (Merle Oberon), waits for him in the States, Rickey spends his “business” trips flirting with just about every attractive woman he comes in contact with. Rickey often ropes in the ladies, … Continue reading Affectionately Yours (1941)