Lindsey’s Lists: Characters with enviable wardrobes (Part IV)

Penelope Wilhern – Penelope (2006) Designed by: Jill Taylor Penelope may be a film focused on the importance of inner beauty, but wardrobe designer Jill Taylor did a great job of giving the title character, Penelope Wilhern, a fantastic sense of style in addition to her smarts and wit. Her wardrobe is very ladylike, sometimes bordering on whimsical. She has a beautiful collection of jewel-toned … Continue reading Lindsey’s Lists: Characters with enviable wardrobes (Part IV)

Betsy’s Wedding (1990)

Betsy’s Wedding (1990): 3/5 Molly Ringwald is Betsy, a young woman who gets engaged and wants an unconventional wedding. Her father, after learning of the engagement, wants to give her the most grand and extravagant wedding possible. Betsy comes from a working-class family. Her dad is a construction worker. Her fiance, Jake, comes from a family of rich, conservative WASPs. As wedding plans begin to … Continue reading Betsy’s Wedding (1990)