Sing Your Way Home (1945)

Steve Kimball (Jack Haley) is a foreign correspondent, famous for a book he’s written about his experiences with the war. With victory secured by the Allied powers, Steve is more than ready to return home to New York, where he has a lecture tour planned. Securing passage to the United States is difficult, as many high-ranking generals and other American folks are just as eager … Continue reading Sing Your Way Home (1945)

Royal Wedding (1951)

Tom (Fred Astaire) and Ellen Bowen (Jane Powell) are a singing, dancing brother-sister stage duo. When their show in New York City closes, their agent books them in London, where preparations are being made for Elizabeth II’s quickly approaching Royal Wedding. On the ship to England, Ellen meets and falls for Lord John Brindle (Peter Lawford), who seems to be her perfect match. But Tom … Continue reading Royal Wedding (1951)