What to Watch #14: May 8 – 14

Welcome to this week’s installment of What to Watch! This week, and from here on out until the end of June, I will only be including TCM and streaming recommendations in these posts. I’m taking a four-day-a-week Spanish class that requires a lot of my attention, and even though these posts are simple lists they take quite a while to whip up each week. Languages … Continue reading What to Watch #14: May 8 – 14

A Tragedy at Midnight (1942)

John Howard stars as Greg Sherman, a man who performs a radio broadcast program focused on true crimes. He’s an amateur investigator, spending his time sleuthing about on cases that the cops can’t quite crack. His wife, Beth (Margaret Lindsay) is a mystery writer. Their careers are full of crime and intrigue, but their personal lives also become full of those elements when Greg wakes … Continue reading A Tragedy at Midnight (1942)