Whispering City (1947)

Albert Frederic (Paul Lukas) is a well-known Quebec City lawyer and patron to many a local artist. Years ago, a friend of Albert died in an apparent accident. On her deathbed, the deceased man’s fiancé (Mimi D’Estee) confesses to young reporter Mary Roberts (Mary Anderson) that he was actually murdered. Naturally, Mary’s interest is piqued and… Read More Whispering City (1947)

Mill Creek Musings: The Sleeping Tiger (1954)

Dr. Clive Esmond (Alexander Knox) reacts strangely when he’s held up at gunpoint by Frank Clemmons (Dirk Bogarde). Rather than sending his attacker to prison, Dr. Esmond decides to invite him home… to serve as a guinea pig for Esmond’s apparent psychological “cure” for criminal behavior. Dr. Esmond’s wife, Glenda (Alexis Smith), is just returning… Read More Mill Creek Musings: The Sleeping Tiger (1954)