“Favorite things about…” Nostalgia Edition: Crossroads (2002)

The favorite film: Crossroads, a 2002 road trip dramedy directed by Tamra Davis The synopsis: Lucy, Kit and Mimi were best friends as children, but by the time they graduate from high school they’ve grown apart. Reuniting to dig up an old box of dreams that they buried when they were young, the pregnant Mimi invites her two old buddies to take a road trip … Continue reading “Favorite things about…” Nostalgia Edition: Crossroads (2002)

Where did they go?: The Six Chicks

As if I don’t have enough happening on TMP already, I’ve decided to possibly start up another series on the blog. This one will focus on the lesser-known cast members who make non-leading appearances in some of my favorite films, seeing what they’ve done since appearing in those favorite films. I’m using this post to test the waters, so let me know if you’d like to … Continue reading Where did they go?: The Six Chicks

Favorite Things About… Clueless

The favorite film: Clueless, a 1995 Paramount teen comedy written and directed by Amy Heckerling The synopsis: The lifestyle of Beverly Hills teens is parodied through the character of Cher – a pretty, popular and peppy high schooler – and her friends as they struggle with their grades, fall in love and fight the daily battle of choosing shoes that match their sweaters. The cast: … Continue reading Favorite Things About… Clueless