The Keys of the Kingdom (1944)

As mentioned in my 10 Deal Breakers post, I’m usually very put off by religious films, and as a result had reservations about this film when I decided to check it out from the library. But since it’s a four-time Oscar nominee starring two of my favorite men, Gregory Peck and Vincent Price, I simply had to give it a try. Peck is Francis Chisolm, … Continue reading The Keys of the Kingdom (1944)

The Heiress (1949)

The Heiress (1949): 4.5/5 Beloved Best Actress winner Olivia de Havilland portrays Catherine Sloper, a young New York aristocrat — one of her two Oscar winning lead roles. Those aren’t her only accolades for this role. She also took home a Golden Globe and a New York Film Critics Circle award in the Best Actress category. Catherine lives with a very controlling father (Ralph Richardson) … Continue reading The Heiress (1949)