The Breaking Point (1950)

“You know how it is early in the morning on the water? Everything’s quiet except for the seagulls a long way off. You feel great. Then you come ashore, and it starts. In no time at all, you’re up to your ears in trouble.” Harry Morgan (John Garfield) is a California boat captain, but his business isn’t doing too great. Harry struggles to support his … Continue reading The Breaking Point (1950)

The Fountainhead (1949)

Howard Roark is an independent and unique architect. He’s the subject of this film, penned by none other than Ayn Rand, who also wrote the famed novel of the same name. King Vidor directs this wonderful celluloid adaptation, originally released in 1949. Gary Cooper stars as Roark. He is a man completely unwilling to compromise his vision or individuality in his work, despite being warned … Continue reading The Fountainhead (1949)