Whispering City (1947)

Albert Frederic (Paul Lukas) is a well-known Quebec City lawyer and patron to many a local artist. Years ago, a friend of Albert died in an apparent accident. On her deathbed, the deceased man’s fiancé (Mimi D’Estee) confesses to young reporter Mary Roberts (Mary Anderson) that he was actually murdered. Naturally, Mary’s interest is piqued and… Read More Whispering City (1947)

Grand Slam (1933)

Peter Stanislavsky (Paul Lukas) is a waiter, working and occasionally playing the piano at a Russian restaurant. The gig isn’t permanent — just a way to support his recently-wed self and his wife while he works on a novel. While Peter has publishing aspirations, the rest of the world has gone crazy for the game… Read More Grand Slam (1933)

One year, one film: 1943 – Watch on the Rhine

One year, one film: 1943 The film: Watch on the Rhine, dir. Herman Shumlin starring Bette Davis and Paul Lukas Rating: Recommended | HIGHLY RECOMMENDED | Must-See Watch on the Rhine is a film that starts out deceptively pleasant before turning to heartbreaking drama. It was one of my favorite discoveries of the “Through the Library, Alphabetically” project… Read More One year, one film: 1943 – Watch on the Rhine