Seven Doors to Death (1944)

At the glamorous Hamilton Court apartments and shopping center, life should be beautiful, but it isn’t so for Mary (June Clyde). When shots are fired in an apartment one night, Mary flees the scene and hitches a ride with architect Jimmy (Chick Chandler) — weapon in hand and holding him at gunpoint. In the evening’s hurried turn of events, Jimmy crashes his car, and Mary … Continue reading Seven Doors to Death (1944)

HORROR HALF WEEK, Day 2: The Black Raven (1943)

Welcome to Day 2 of Horror Half-Week! Today we take a look at a dark and stormy mystery. Previous post from this year’s spooky celebration: Day 1, The Devil’s Hand It is a dark and stormy night near the Canadian border. With all of the bridges in the area washed out, leaving no way to cross the border, several travelers seek refuge at The Black … Continue reading HORROR HALF WEEK, Day 2: The Black Raven (1943)

Mill Creek Musings: Swing Hostess (1944)

This review is a part of TMP’s Mill Creek Musings series, in which I (very slowly) attempt to review all of the films in the Mill Creek Entertainment 50/100 movie packs that I own. Today’s film comes from the 50 Classic Musicals set. Judy Alvin (Martha Tilton) is a talented singer who has unfortunately found herself unemployed. Unable to find a paying gig as a … Continue reading Mill Creek Musings: Swing Hostess (1944)

HORROR HALF-WEEK, Day 1: The Face of Marble (1946)

A note from Lindsey: Halloween is almost here! The time for ghouls, monsters and otherworldy creatures is upon us. This post is the first in TMP’s four-part, through-the-decades Horror Half-Week series in honor of the spooky holiday. Today we’re talkin’ 1940s B-horror with 1946’s The Face of Marble. Stay tuned for posts on horror films from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Dr. Charles Randolph (John … Continue reading HORROR HALF-WEEK, Day 1: The Face of Marble (1946)