Safe in Hell (1931)

Gilda (Dorothy Mackaill) is a New Orleans prostitute who has just arrived at a hotel to meet with a client. The client turns out to be none other than Piet Van Saal (Ralf Harolde), her former boss and the man responsible for ruining her career. The encounter ends in conflict, with Gilda hitting Piet with … More Safe in Hell (1931)

Frisco Jenny (1932)

When her father and her boyfriend are killed in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, pregnant and unwed Jenny Sandoval (Ruth Chatterton) must find a way to survive. She takes up residence in the Chinese district and is able to make ends meet, but not necessarily through legal methods. Mixed up with gamblers and running a … More Frisco Jenny (1932)

Brief Moment (1933)

Rod Deane (Gene Raymond) is in love with a nightclub singer, Abby Fane (Carole Lombard). He’s taking her home to meet his family soon, since he’s convinced he wants to marry her… …but his family, wealthy society folks, might not take too kindly to their golden boy marrying a woman of a lower class. Despite … More Brief Moment (1933)

Man’s Castle (1933)

“When you’re dead you get a hunk of Earth. When you’re alive you wanna hang on to your hunk of blue. That’s all I’ve got in the world. That’s all anybody’s got, is that hunk of blue.” When Bill (Spencer Tracy) and Trina (Loretta Young) meet in a city park, it’s clear to him that … More Man’s Castle (1933)

Broadway Bad (1933)

Tony Landers (Joan Blondell) and Flip Daly (Ginger Rogers) are best friends, and two of a gaggle of chorus girls starring in the “Frolics of 1929.” Tony has caught the eye of the show’s rich backer, Craig (Ricardo Cortez), leaving his mistress Aileen (Adrienne Ames), another dancer, fuming. Craig may not get far with Tony … More Broadway Bad (1933)

Bed of Roses (1933)

Lorry Evans (Constance Bennett) and Minnie Brown (Pert Kelton) have been released from jail and are boarding a boat for New Orleans. They’re short on money and prospects, but hope they’ll have some luck in the city. When they run into trouble on the boat, Lorry jumps overboard to avoid being arrested again and is … More Bed of Roses (1933)

Girl Missing (1933)

Young and lovely June Dale (Mary Brian) is being pursued by the wealthy but far-too-pushy Kenneth Van Dusen (Guy Kibbee). When June’s friend Kay (Glenda Farrell) walks in and puts a stop to Kenneth’s attempts to woo June, he leaves them at their fancy Palm Beach hotel, sticking them with the bill. Luckily for Kay … More Girl Missing (1933)