Coquette (1929)

Norma Besant (Mary Pickford) is part southern bell, part flapper. The daughter of a doctor, she’s a popular, flirtatious young woman with many suitors after her affection. Dr. Besant (John St. Polis) wants Norma to end up with Stanley (Matt Moore), but she’s taken a liking to Michael Jeffrey (Johnny Mack Brown), of whom Dr. … More Coquette (1929)

Going Hollywood (1933)

Sylvia Bruce (Marion Davies) is not your average schoolteacher. A French instructor at the all-girls Briarcroft School where she was once a student, Sylvia dreams of leaving her job and finding a more exciting life, full of romance. Her dream just may become reality when a radio performance by crooner Bill Williams (Bing Crosby) inspires … More Going Hollywood (1933)

Evergreen (1934)

Harriet Green (Jessie Matthews) is a London stage star performing one last show before she leaves her career behind to get married. After the show, her fellow actors and stagehands hold a party to celebrate her upcoming wedding. At the party, she’s interrupted and leaves suddenly, learning that the father of her child is planning on … More Evergreen (1934)

Happiness Ahead (1934)

Joan Bradford (Josephine Hutchinson) comes from a wealthy family, and she’s expected to have a high-society marriage. Her mother hopes she’ll marry Jelliffe Travis (Gavin Gordon), but she finds him — and the idea of the life she’d have with him — very boring. With the permission of her more understanding father, Joan sneaks out … More Happiness Ahead (1934)

Bewitched (1945)

Joan Ellis (Phyllis Thaxter) is a convicted murderer, sent to death row for her crime. Her execution has been scheduled, and in less than an hour she’ll be dead. Joan’s psychiatrist, Dr. Bergson (Edmund Gwenn), wishes to clarify the facts of the scandalous case. He reflects on her psychological deterioration. She was a normal girl … More Bewitched (1945)

La paura (1954)

Irene Wagner (Ingrid Bergman) is married to a scientist named Albert (Mathias Wieman), but she’s been stepping out on her marriage, carrying on an affair with a man named Erich (Kurt Kreuger). As if her own anxiety over the situation wasn’t causing her enough stress, Erich’s ex-girlfriend comes a-calling. Johann (Renate Mannhardt) has learned of … More La paura (1954)

The Shock (1923)

Wilse Dilling (Lon Chaney) is a man with a bad reputation, known as “dangerous” by the police in Chinatown, where he lives. He has few friends, due not only to his bad reputation, but also to the fact that he can’t walk without the assistance of crutches or a wheelchair (which people judge him for). … More The Shock (1923)