The Racket (1951)

“Born with an alibi in your mouth, huh? Nick Scanlon (Robert Ryan) is a mobster who has done well for himself, not only building a criminal empire but managing to buy the loyalty of several local government bigwigs. There’s one influential fella he can’t seem to crack, though. Tom McQuigg (Robert Mitchum), a police captain, refuses every bribe (and, furthermore, wants nothing more than to … Continue reading The Racket (1951)

Men in War (1957)

Lieutenant Benson (Robert Ryan) and his platoon are stuck on a Korean hillside. They’ve tried contacting the division headquarters, but their radio isn’t working, and they can’t leave the hill since their truck is broken down. With few options, Benson decides that in order to survive, his men must march back to division headquarters. Soon after their journey begins, the men spot a speeding jeep … Continue reading Men in War (1957)

The Woman on the Beach (1947)

Scott (Robert Ryan) has been having frequent nightmares, and he’s sure that these nightmares mean one thing: he’s losing his mind. In order to maintain some sense of normalcy in his waking hours, Scott proposes to Eve (Nan Leslie), a nice young woman who works at the local shipyard. Eve readily accepts his proposal and is completely in love with him. One day, while visiting … Continue reading The Woman on the Beach (1947)

The Set-Up (1949)

Stoker Thompson (Robert Ryan) is a veteran of the boxing world, with twenty years of experience under his belt. His wife Julie (Audrey Totter) has begged him to give up boxing for good, fearing that he’ll end up taking one punch too many and either become seriously injured or die from it. But he’s a very stubborn man, insisting that he can still win matches … Continue reading The Set-Up (1949)