Bridal Suite (1939)

Neil McGill (Robert Young) is set to marry Abbie Bragdon (Virginia Field), but things don’t go quite as planned. The marriage is called off by the bride-to-be’s father, who is fed up with Neil’s nonchalant attitude toward the marriage. You see, Neil completely forgot about the wedding. He never showed! Neil’s own father is fed up,… Read More Bridal Suite (1939)

Favorite things about… The Canterville Ghost (1944)

The favorite film: The Canterville Ghost, a 1944 fantasy-comedy directed by Jules Dassin The synopsis: In 17th-century England, Sir Simon de Canterville committed a cowardly act. After fleeing a duel, Simon was doomed to die in the castle and walk its halls until a Canterville descendant could commit an act of courage. By 1943, the Canterville… Read More Favorite things about… The Canterville Ghost (1944)

Cairo (1942)

The Times Leader of Cavity Rock, California has just been given the honor of being named “America’s most typical small-town newspaper.” This may not sound like a great honor, but it is cause for celebration for the newspaper’s staff. The title also makes for a big opportunity for Homer Smith (Robert Young), the leading Times… Read More Cairo (1942)