The Uninvited (1944)

Roderick (Ray Milland) and Pamela Fitzgerald (Ruth Hussey) are a brother and sister from London. They decide to purchase a house in Cornwall after stumbling upon it during a vacation and realizing that it is vacant. It’s a beautiful and secluded place, situated atop a hill and just on the waterfront.  It’s got beautiful views and plenty of room — the opposite of a cramped … Continue reading The Uninvited (1944)

Bedside Manner (1945)

Bedside Manner (also known as Her Favorite Patient in its 1950 reissue)(1945): 3.8/5 Ruth Hussey is Dr. Hedy Fredericks. She’s not the first doctor in the family — ‘Doc’ Fredericks (Charlie Ruggles) is her uncle. Doc still works in Hedy’s small hometown, but Hedy is destined to be a big city girl. She’s on her way to Chicago when she stops to visit her uncle. … Continue reading Bedside Manner (1945)