Now and Forever (1934)

Jerry Day (Gary Cooper) and Toni Carstairs (Carole Lombard) are globe-trotting thieves, traveling the world together and falling in love. The two are just leaving Shanghai when Jerry gets word from his hometown and there’s trouble regarding his daughter, Penny (Shirley Temple). Jerry’s wife passed away, and he left Penny with her family. Now they want permanent custody. Jerry considers taking the money offered by … Continue reading Now and Forever (1934)

Kathleen (1942)

Kathleen (Shirley Temple) is a lonely 12-year-old daydreamer. Her father, John Davis (Herbert Marshall), neglects her. Her mother passed away years ago. Her harsh governess, Mrs. Farrell (Nella Walker), does nothing but annoy her. Her only friend is Mr. Schoner (Felix Bressart), the owner of the local antique shop. The young girl’s life is far from ideal. One day, John returns home in time for dinner … Continue reading Kathleen (1942)

Miss Annie Rooney (1942)

Annie Rooney (Shirley Temple) is a pretty and sweet teenage girl who comes from a humble family. She lives a happy life with her grandpa and her father, who is an unemployed inventor. When Annie finds herself falling for her classmate Marty (Dickie Moore), she’s sure she’s found the great love of her life. There’s just one problem: he comes from an incredibly wealthy family, … Continue reading Miss Annie Rooney (1942)