Bluebeard’s Ten Honeymoons (1960)

Sometimes, a marriage starts out all sunshine and rainbows, only to turn sour after years or even decades. Sometimes, it’s doomed from the start. For Henri Landru (George Sanders), it’s all doom and gloom, but he only has himself to blame. Obsessed with a burlesque performer named Odette (Corinne Calvet), Henri can only win her over by showering her with cash and lavish gifts. There’s … Continue reading Bluebeard’s Ten Honeymoons (1960)

The Woman in Question (1950)

Agnes Huston (Jean Kent), a British widow, has been murdered in her home. Before she was killed, Agnes worked at the local fairground as a fortune-teller, under the name of “Astra.” Agnes didn’t fit the stereotype of a widow or fortune teller. She was a young, pretty, lively woman. Agnes’ body is found by the young son of her neighbor, Mrs. Finch (Hermione Baddeley). Superintendent Lodge … Continue reading The Woman in Question (1950)

Mill Creek Musings: The Second Woman (1950)

Mill Creek Musings is a series where I attempt to review every film in each of the five Mill Creek Entertainment DVD sets that I own. Starting today, Mill Creek Musings will be appearing every Monday on TMP! The series has been around for a while, but I wanted to kick it into a higher gear this year and make greater progress with it, so … Continue reading Mill Creek Musings: The Second Woman (1950)

Recap and react: Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Ep. 13 – 18

SEASON 1, EPISODE 13: “THE CHENEY VASE” DIR. ROBERT STEVENS STARRING PATRICIA COLLINGE and DARREN MCGAVIN ORIGINALLY AIRED DECEMBER 25, 1955 Recap: This episode follows yet another case of man gone bad for money. Fired from his job, Lyle takes up a new position caring for an old, wheelchair-bound woman who he plans to take advantage of for her money. React: Darren McGavin gives a … Continue reading Recap and react: Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Ep. 13 – 18

Recap and React: Alfred Hitchcock Presents… episodes 7 – 12

SEASON 1, EPISODE 7: “BREAKDOWN” DIR. ALFRED HITCHCOCK STARRING JOSEPH COTTEN, RAYMOND BAILEY, MURRAY ALPER AND AARON SPELLING ORIGINALLY AIRED NOVEMBER 13, 1955 Recap: William (Joseph Cotten) is the stereotypical “tough guy” businessman. He fires people with no regard as to how it will affect their lives and sees it as a sign of weakness when people show emotion, especially by crying. But when he … Continue reading Recap and React: Alfred Hitchcock Presents… episodes 7 – 12

Book vs. film: Shutter Island

*This post contains spoilers for both the book and film versions of Shutter Island. I’ve tried to avoid them as much as possible, but read with caution! Major spoilers are clearly marked. Shutter Island has once been described by the writer as a mix of Invasion of the Body Snatchers and the work of the Bronte sisters. Dennis Lehane published this suspenseful novel in 2003 … Continue reading Book vs. film: Shutter Island

Hitchcock Double Feature! Easy Virtue (’28) and Blackmail (’29)

On a recent movie night extravaganza, my mom (who I’m swiftly converting into a classic film fan!) surprised me by picking up a Hitchcock two-film DVD at the library for us to watch. The DVD includes 1928’s Easy Virtue and 1929’s Blackmail, along with an introduction by Tony Curtis and the original trailer for Rear Window. Easy Virtue is one of Hitchcock’s silent films. Isabel … Continue reading Hitchcock Double Feature! Easy Virtue (’28) and Blackmail (’29)