Dead End (1937)

On New York’s East River sits the convergence of the “haves” and “have nots.” Luxury apartments with picturesque river views stretch several stories high, while just outside of that view sit the tenements. Drina (Sylvia Sidney) is a tenement-dwelling woman, raising her younger brother Tommy (Billy Halop) and hoping she’ll someday get them out of the tenement. She works hard to provide for Tommy and … Continue reading Dead End (1937)

You Only Live Once (1937)

Joan Graham (Sylvia Sidney) works as a secretary to a big city public defender, Stephen Whitney (Barton MacLane). Joan is in love with a criminal named Eddie (Henry Fonda) who, luckily, is allowed to leave prison on probation with Stephen’s help. Fresh out of the slammer, Eddie is ready for a new life. He wants to give up crime, get a respectable job and marry … Continue reading You Only Live Once (1937)