The Locked Door (1929)

Today’s review was written for TMP’s Barbara Stanwyck Filmography Project, my quest to watch every film Barbara Stanwyck made. For more reviews, visit the Stanwyck Project index! Frank Devereaux (Rod LaRocque) has invited his father’s secretary Ann (Barbara Stanwyck) out for a date. Much to Ann’s surprise, Frank takes her to a “rum boat” —… Read More The Locked Door (1929)

Coquette (1929)

Norma Besant (Mary Pickford) is part southern bell, part flapper. The daughter of a doctor, she’s a popular, flirtatious young woman with many suitors after her affection. Dr. Besant (John St. Polis) wants Norma to end up with Stanley (Matt Moore), but she’s taken a liking to Michael Jeffrey (Johnny Mack Brown), of whom Dr.… Read More Coquette (1929)

Rio Rita (1929)

At the United States-Mexico border, Texas Rangers are on the hunt for a notorious but mysterious criminal known only as “the Kinkajou.” Among the searchers is Captain Jim Stewart (John Boles), new to town and already making enemies, including General Ravinoff (Georges Renevant). Jim finds himself falling for the beautiful Rita (Bebe Daniels) amidst his investigation… Read More Rio Rita (1929)