World Without End (1956)

Dr. Eldon Galbraithe (Nelson Leigh) is leading a crew on a Mars-orbiting mission in space. Aboard the rocket with Dr. Galbraithe are engineer Henry Jaffee (Christopher Dark), scientist John Borden (Hugh Marlow), and radio operator Herbert Ellis (Rod Taylor). When the men lose radio contact with Earth, think they can still make it home. After plotting their journey, they set out for Earth, but unexpected turbulence … Continue reading World Without End (1956)

Berkeley Square (1933)

Peter Standish (Leslie Howard), an American, is heading to England in 1784 to marry his cousin. He hears of a miraculous balloon crossing of the English Channel by a Frenchman, and expresses a bit of dismay over the fact that he won’t live to see all of the future’s marvelous inventions. Flash forward to 1933 and Peter’s ancestor, also named Peter Standish (and also portrayed … Continue reading Berkeley Square (1933)