I’ll Take Sweden (1965)

Bob Holcomb (Bob Hope) is a single father who’s unhappy when his daughter JoJo (Tuesday Weld) announces that she’s engaged to a musician named Kenny (Frankie Avalon) who got kicked out of school and doesn’t have a job. Kenny’s over the moon because his grandma left him $1200 in her will. But that moneh won’t last long, and he doesn’t seem to have much of a future … Continue reading I’ll Take Sweden (1965)

Mill Creek Musings: Rock Rock Rock! (1956)

Dori (Tuesday Weld) is a teenage girl who, like just about any teenage girl of the 1950s, likes to spend her whole allowance to play Elvis songs on the jukebox or go to the movies. When she’s not  using up that money, she likes to go shopping for clothes and charge them to her father’s account. But when her father catches wind of her less-than-smart … Continue reading Mill Creek Musings: Rock Rock Rock! (1956)