Seven Sweethearts (1942)

“To this great land of jive and juleps, the Dutch once came to plant their tulips… They grit their teeth, pulled in their belts, produced New York – and the Roosevelts… Enriched this best of melting pots with their traditions, towns and tots… Behold! In Michigan today there’s still a Holland – U.S.A. A town that flaunts its windmill touch, to prove you just can’t … Continue reading Seven Sweethearts (1942)

The Feminine Touch (1941)

John Hathaway (Don Ameche) teaches psychology at Digby College, and he’s grown impatient with his lazy students, who seem more dedicated to the football team than to their studies. They’re even growing out beards in solidarity, vowing not to shave until the football team beats their rival, Laurel College. A bit bored of his job as a professor, Hathaway has dedicated a lot of his … Continue reading The Feminine Touch (1941)

Lindsey Tries to Appreciate Westerns: Santa Fe Trail (1940)

Less than a decade before the American civil war, Carl Rader (Van Heflin), a West Point cadet, has been kicked out of the military for reading anti-slavery literature written by John Brown (Raymond Massey) and sharing it with his fellow cadets. Meanwhile, Jeb Stuart (Errol Flynn) and George Custer (Ronald Reagan), two of Carl’s classmates, continue on at West Point and graduate to become lieutenants. … Continue reading Lindsey Tries to Appreciate Westerns: Santa Fe Trail (1940)

B.F.’s Daughter (1948)

This film was viewed for TMP’s Barbara Stanwyck Filmography project. To view the progress of the project, check out TMP’s Listography. Polly Fulton is a rich girl, the daughter of a rags-to-riches businessman who has a lot of power. She’s set to marry an attorney on the rise, a man her father very much approves of. But Polly gets tired of waiting for Robert to … Continue reading B.F.’s Daughter (1948)

Possessed (1947)

Louise Howell (Joan Crawford) has landed herself in a psych ward under the care of Dr. Harvey Willard (Stanley Ridges). She seems frantic and constantly repeats the name “David,” but no one understands what sent her into such a breakdown… …that is, until Dr. Willard convinces her to start talking. In flashback land, the viewer learns that Louise was once in love with an engineer … Continue reading Possessed (1947)

Van Heflin: A tribute

Say the name “Van Heflin” today and chances are, your conversation partner (unless they are a fellow old Hollywood “expert”) will have no clue who your talking about, which is the unfortunate reality when it comes to many classic stars. But in the 1940s, Van Heflin was an actor on a roll, starring in both leading roles and important character parts, even taking home an … Continue reading Van Heflin: A tribute

Mill Creek Musings: The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946)

Welcome to Mill Creek Musings, a segment in which I work my way through the three low-price Mill Creek film sets that I own, reviewing each film for content and quality along the way. The Strange Love of Martha Ivers marks my fourth viewing from the 50 Dark Crimes set. This was my second time watching the film, but this review is in the same … Continue reading Mill Creek Musings: The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946)

TCM’s Summer Under the Stars – TMP’s recommended viewing, from John Wayne to Sidney Poitier

Throughout the month of August, I’ll be sharing recommended films from TCM’s Summer Under the Stars programming every Tuesday. It isn’t August just yet, but I wanted to get a list up that included the first week of the month. Feel free to share your own recommendations for me in the comments below, as they’re running a ton of films I haven’t seen this year! … Continue reading TCM’s Summer Under the Stars – TMP’s recommended viewing, from John Wayne to Sidney Poitier