Partial series review: Warner Baxter as the ‘Crime Doctor’

At the end of March*, I recorded three Warner Baxter films from TCM:Crime Doctor, Just Before Dawn and Millerson Case. As it turns out, these films are part of a series which began with Crime Doctor. Nine sequels followed that first film, Just Before Dawn being the seventh installment in the series and Millerson Case being the eighth. I’ve got a little case of OCD, so … Continue reading Partial series review: Warner Baxter as the ‘Crime Doctor’

Penthouse (1933)

Jackson Durant (Warner Baxter) gets his kicks by defending men who are less than respectable in court. Fresh off of a brilliant courtroom win in the case of racketeer Tony Gazotti (Nat Pendleton), Jackson finds himself in hot water despite his success. Jackson’s law partners have lost their tolerance of his choice in clientele. Jackson’s fiance Sue (Martha Sleeper) also hates his clients, and she … Continue reading Penthouse (1933)

42nd Street (1933)

The depression has hit, and Broadway producers Jones and Barry are putting on a musical. Dorothy Brock (Bebe Daniels), who is dating the show’s financial backer Abner Dillon (Guy Kibbee), is set to star. A hit director, Julian Marsh (Warner Baxter), is hired. With all signs pointing toward success, and the crew begins holding rehearsals to choose the rest of the cast. But of course, … Continue reading 42nd Street (1933)