September 2018 in Film

In this installment of “Lindsey apologizes for being a delinquent viewer and absent blogger”… You guessed it, another tiny viewing month for TMP! Working several jobs is no joke, y’all. I’m trying to schedule my time more wisely and hopefully make room for plenty of spooky viewing in October, but before we get to that, a look back at a miniature movie month. New-to-me viewings: … Continue reading September 2018 in Film

Films in 2016: Modern Movies in September

I managed to catch a handful of post-1970 films in September — most of them quite enjoyable, but there’s always at least one dud, isn’t there? Here are brief reviews of the five films! The Hotel New Hampshire (1984) – This has to be one of the craziest movies I’ve ever watched. Bears on bikes, brothers in love with their sisters, stuffed dead dogs, foiled … Continue reading Films in 2016: Modern Movies in September

Films in 2012: September (+ a few bonus rambles)

New to me in September: 30 Re-watches in September: 12 Total watched in September: 42 Total watched in 2012 so far: 472 Surprisingly, my viewing didn’t slow down much this month, despite the start of the new semester. I wasn’t expecting to surpass 30 films in total. It is possible that I’m a bionic paper-writing, movie-watching machine. A few of the films are accounted for … Continue reading Films in 2012: September (+ a few bonus rambles)