The Outlaw (1943)

Sheriff Pat Garrett (Thomas Mitchell) maintains order in the town of Lincoln, New Mexico. One day, his old pal Doc Holliday (Walter Huston) arrives, looking for his stolen horse. Doc finds his horse in possession of none other than Billy the Kid (Jack Buetel). Doc plans to steal back his horse, but he doesn’t exactly … More The Outlaw (1943)

California (1946)

It’s the place “where the sun takes his shoes off.” It’s the place that “has got everything but population.” I’m referring, of course, to none other than 1840s California — soon to become known as the golden state! Jonathan Trumbo (Ray Milland) has been hired to lead one of the first wagon trains to make … More California (1946)

4 for Texas (1963)

I wasn’t sure what I’d watch when Dean Martin’s day came around during TCM’s Summer Under the Stars, but as soon as I looked at the line-up on WatchTCM the day after, the decision was made for me. There it was, right before my eyes: a tiny thumbnail of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin sharing … More 4 for Texas (1963)