Where did they go?: Michael Schoeffling aka Jake Ryan of Sixteen Candles


As I’ve mentioned before, both of my parents graduated from high school in the early ’80s. Everyone gets attached to movies from their childhood and young adulthood, and my parents were no exception. I’ve been lucky enough for them to … Continue reading

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Doctor in the House (1954)


Simon Sparrow (Dirk Bogarde) is at a turning-point in his life: he’s starting medical school at St. Swithin’s Hospital of London. Despite a few small misunderstandings Simon’s med school career gets off to a decent start… until he gets kicked … Continue reading

Mill Creek Musings: The Death Kiss (1932)


Myles Brent is hard at work on his latest film as leading man, a gangster flick called The Death Kiss. In the final scene of the film, his character gets shot… and while filming the scene, Brent himself is literally … Continue reading

The Maverick Queen (1955)

(Image via Not the Baseball Pitcher)

This film was viewed for the Barbara Stanwyck Filmography Project. To view the project’s progress and find links to reviews of other Stanwyck films, visit my Listography page. Lucy Lee (Mary Murphy) is a ranch owner living in Wyoming. She’s … Continue reading