TMP’s New Year celebrations continue today with the full-year viewing recap for 2019! Check out the stats below.

The Big Numbers

  • New to me in 2019: 130
  • Re-watches in 2019: 61
  • Total number of viewings in 2019: 191
  • Average viewings per month: About 16
  • Highest viewing month: November (22 viewings)

This was one of the lower viewing years in the history of the blog, but I still managed to watch a few handfuls of films each month — 16 on average. About a third of my viewing was spent re-visiting films I’ve seen before, and November was my most movie-filled month.

Methods of Viewing

  • At the theater: 50
  • CMT: 2
  • Criterion Channel: 14
  • DC Universe: 1
  • FandangoNOW: 10
  • From my dad’s collection: 1
  • FXM TV Network: 1
  • Movies! TV Network: 8
  • My collection: 56
  • Netflix: 26
  • Prime Video: 17
  • WatchTCM: 2
  • YouTube: 3

Continuing my usual habit, I visited the theater about once a week in 2019. The viewing methods for this year are somewhat different, with the loss of a couple favorite services (FilmStruck, which shut down, and TCM, which Comcast moved into a ridiculous sports package); the introduction of Criterion Channel; and some non-TCM TV viewing (CMT, FXM, and Movies!).

Tally by Decade

  • 1900s: 1
  • 1910s: 0
  • 1920s: 0
  • 1930s: 7
  • 1940s: 21
  • 1950s: 15
  • 1960s: 12
  • 1970s: 6
  • 1980s: 4
  • 1990s: 11
  • 2000s: 20
  • 2010s: 94

Nearly half of my viewing came from the most recent decade, which comes as a surprise to me! I knew my classic viewing was lower this year, but I didn’t expect such a high proportion to be in the 2010s. Using the ’60s as a cutoff decade, my modern-to-classic ratio was about two modern films for every classic.

Blog Stats & Most-Viewed


Tomorrow I’ll be posting the list of my favorite film discoveries from 2019. Until then, see the full list of new-to-me findings and my ranking of 2019 classic film discoveries on Letterboxd!