2019 in Film: Yearly Viewing Recap

TMP’s New Year celebrations continue today with the full-year viewing recap for 2019! Check out the stats below.

The Big Numbers

  • New to me in 2019: 130
  • Re-watches in 2019: 61
  • Total number of viewings in 2019: 191
  • Average viewings per month: About 16
  • Highest viewing month: November (22 viewings)

This was one of the lower viewing years in the history of the blog, but I still managed to watch a few handfuls of films each month — 16 on average. About a third of my viewing was spent re-visiting films I’ve seen before, and November was my most movie-filled month.

Methods of Viewing

  • At the theater: 50
  • CMT: 2
  • Criterion Channel: 14
  • DC Universe: 1
  • FandangoNOW: 10
  • From my dad’s collection: 1
  • FXM TV Network: 1
  • Movies! TV Network: 8
  • My collection: 56
  • Netflix: 26
  • Prime Video: 17
  • WatchTCM: 2
  • YouTube: 3

Continuing my usual habit, I visited the theater about once a week in 2019. The viewing methods for this year are somewhat different, with the loss of a couple favorite services (FilmStruck, which shut down, and TCM, which Comcast moved into a ridiculous sports package); the introduction of Criterion Channel; and some non-TCM TV viewing (CMT, FXM, and Movies!).

Tally by Decade

  • 1900s: 1
  • 1910s: 0
  • 1920s: 0
  • 1930s: 7
  • 1940s: 21
  • 1950s: 15
  • 1960s: 12
  • 1970s: 6
  • 1980s: 4
  • 1990s: 11
  • 2000s: 20
  • 2010s: 94

Nearly half of my viewing came from the most recent decade, which comes as a surprise to me! I knew my classic viewing was lower this year, but I didn’t expect such a high proportion to be in the 2010s. Using the ’60s as a cutoff decade, my modern-to-classic ratio was about two modern films for every classic.

Blog Stats & Most-Viewed


Tomorrow I’ll be posting the list of my favorite film discoveries from 2019. Until then, see the full list of new-to-me findings and my ranking of 2019 classic film discoveries on Letterboxd!

2 thoughts on “2019 in Film: Yearly Viewing Recap

  1. Wow, I can’t believe you went to 50 theatrical releases! I think I went to around 5; the last being in October, and before that, March! It just doesn’t thrill me like it used to (and the prices definitely don’t thrill me), and I’m tired of selfish and uncaring people spoiling the experience for me.

    And yes, quite the difference between your viewing of old films and new…I watched 39 films from the 2010s, and a good portion of those were documentaries! At one point I watched ‘Knock Knock’, and thought it was flat-out ridiculous and stupid, and it pretty much ended my desire to watch ‘new’ films anymore, and has me now concentrating on old films that are new to me…which isn’t a bad thing.

    And on a personal note: nice to see your review of ‘They Came from Beyond Space’ make your Top 5 most viewed list!


    1. Bummer that you’ve lost the joy of the theater experience! I tend toward weekday matinees ($5 tickets, mostly empty) and still find it fun. I’m usually around 50 — I think last year was 48. I work 100% remotely now so it gives me a good excuse to leave the house/unchain myself from my desk once a week haha.

      I was glad to see that review make the top five this year as well! All of this year’s five surprised me… most of my views go to older content but those did decent numbers. I guess it is true that distance makes the heart grow fonder — perhaps people look forward to my reviews more because I’m posting less haha.

      I’ve never heard of Knock Knock but will be sure to avoid it!


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