Film questions, Part IV!

28. Favorite animated movie: In recent years, Ratatouille (2007).
29. A movie from your favorite director you didn’t like: I already discussed this a bit in the “favorite directors” question, but I usually love Tim Burton’s films and I absolutely hate his version of Alice. He’s not my absolute favorite director, but that’s the first film that comes to mind!
30. Favorite comic book movie: I’m going to change this to “graphic novel” rather than “comic book” because I’m more familiar with graphic novels. I’m pretty sure my favorite will become Persepolis by the end of the week. I finally got my hands on a copy after obsessing over the book for many months. I can’t wait to watch it!
31. 3 movies you’re expecting excitedly! The Lorax, Moonrise Kingdom, and seeing The Artist again this weekend. Yes, that was a total cop-out.
32. A book you read for a movie: I hate to keep bringing up the same films over and over again, but I read “Gone With the Wind” because of the movie.
33. Favorite Musical: On the Town, The Harvey Girls
34. Favorite fictional character: TOO MANY. Margo Channing, Muriel and and Jim Blandings, Scarlett O’Hara, Vivian Rutledge, Sam Spade, etc, etc, etc to infinity.
35. A movie you wished they never made: I wish they would never try to make a Sinatra biopic. It’s going to be awful no matter who stars in it, let’s be real.
36. Favorite remake: Imitation of Life (1959)


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