A review was not posted for #27, because it was a Lifetime movie that was much like every other Lifetime movie I’ve seen, haha!

Watched January 29, 2012

Election (1999): 2.5/5 This review contains very mild spoilers, but you’ve probably seen the film before.

I’ve been hearing good things about this film for years, so I expected it to live up to some pretty high expectations. Unfortunately, it was far from living up to those expectations.

While the film did have its funny moments, it was nowhere near as hilarious as I expected it to be, based on what I’d heard before. I love a good teen/high school flick, especially considering that I graduated in 2009 and high school is still relatively fresh in my mind, but this one just felt a bit typical.

You have the super overachiever (Tracy), the dumb jock (Paul), the secret lesbian (Tammy), the too-close-to-his-students teacher (Mr. Novotny) and the disgruntled teacher who holds grudges against his students (Mr. McAllister). This formula works sometimes, with the right script and the right players to give it an added punch, but something was out of sync here that stops the film from carrying off its humorous potential.

Reese Witherspoon gives a solid performance as the overachiever, and as someone who has always focused on trying to be the best at everything, I could definitely relate to her character. I’m not quite as obsessive or manipulative as Witherspoon’s Tracy, but I felt the most sympathy for her out of all of the characters. I could relate when she lost the election, because failure is one of my own worst fears, and I’ll admit without shame that I’ve felt the same way she did after tasting a bit of failure.

In the first half hour of Election, I wishfully thought that it was probably just a slow-starter that would end up being just as amazing as everyone claims it to be. However, I ended up seeing it as nothing more than another dull teen comedy, with no stand-out elements whatsoever.