Through the library, alphabetically.

My library has a pretty insane DVD collection. There is a limit of five entertainment DVDs checked out at a time, and since my wishlist far exceeds five, I often find it difficult to narrow my picks down. As a result, I’ve concocted a plan to check out one film from each of the next five letters of the alphabet each time.

Here are today’s picks:


Anna Christie (1930)Garbo talks. ‘nough said.
Blues in the Night (1941) – Ah, the dramatic life of a traveling jazz singer. Elia Kazan (prior to becoming a famed director) supports a lead cast of Priscilla Lane, Lloyd Nolan and Betty Field.
Caged! (1949) – I’ve heard many interesting things about this drama centered in a women’s prison, starring Eleanor Parker and Agnes Moorehead.
Daisy Kenyon (1947) – I chose this on a whim because it’s part of the “Fox Film Noir” DVD series and stars Dana Andrews. Henry Fonda and Joan Crawford co-star in this love triangle. It’s also directed by Otto Preminger!
Executive Suite (1953) – Battles over power ensue when a high-powered executive dies and everyone starts vying for his job. The all-star cast includes Barbara Stanwyck, William Holden, Fredric March and Walter Pidgeon.

SO, expect reviews of these films soon! When I turn these in I’ll check out F, G, H, I, and J, and so on. And each time I check out new films, I’ll post a photo and a few words about each film, as you see above.

I’ll continue to review picks from TCM and Netflix as well, so there will certainly be no shortage of “New to me in 2012” posts around here. This just seemed like a fun way to work through the library collection, and we all know how much I love things that are alphabetized.

Happy viewing!

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