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Rosalind Russell is strong-willed judge Marsha Meredith, a divorcee who gets nominated for a judgeship in Federal court. A roadblock pops up in the acquiring of her dream job when the nomination is opposed by a group who sees her as unfit for the job because she is divorced. At the same time, her ex-husband Pete (Robert Cummings) regrets the divorce and wants to win back her love.

Though the synopsis sounds like it could take a turn for the dramatic, this is one of many 1940s “divorce and remorse” comedies. There’s definitely potential for comedy in such a situation, but unfortunately Tell It to the Judge falls short.

Rosalind Russell and Robert Cummings are both fun to watch, but a well-chosen lead couple can only go so far to save a film. They do their part in redeeming some the script, delivering it in such a way to coax a few laughs out of the audience. Fans of Roz, such as myself, with at least get some enjoyment out of the film thanks to her efforts.

But these actors are not miracle workers! Russell and Cummings can’t patch up this sinking ship, and they shouldn’t have had to try. A mediocre script and slew of virtually pointless supporting characters – filled with a very capable but under-utilized supporting cast – put a damper on what could have been a very good comedy. The score: 2.5/5